GPS Tracker for Pets

Every year in North America millions of pets go missing despite our efforts to keep a close watch. Animals are curious and adventurous by nature and even the best-trained pet may wander. Fortunately, modern technology means our methods of dealing with these sad situations have progressed beyond pictures on telephone poles and its now possible to stop the potential runaway before they even leave the block. GPS devices for pets provide an effective solution to ensure you're prepared to protect your pet's safety whenever they may wander.

Unlike the RFID identity chips for pets on the market, which involve invasive procedures to implant and are sometimes not checked when a lost pet is picked up, a GPS collar for your pet is a simple non-invasive solution that provides you with complete control over its tracking and recovery. That means no relying on the kindness of strangers to assist you in your search and no long hours spent waiting by the phone. A GPS for pets is also helpful is less serious situations such as at the pet park or on the beach as a way of ensuring Fido doesn't stray too far out of your boundaries.

GPS collars come in a variety of sizes, with larger ones typically experiencing longer battery lives. The vast majority will hold a charge for at least 24 hours, some for weeks on end. Depending on the model you've chosen, it may be a good idea to charge the collar every night and put it back on in the morning before the pet has been let outside. A smaller model may be just right for people who will only require the safeguard during times when they know their pet may stray, such as on trips to the park.

Most GPS for pets will allow you to set your own boundaries and will alert you as soon as your pet has left them, often by sending a message directly to your cell phone or computer. Some allow for updates to be sent in preset intervals so you always know your pet is safe.


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