In dash GPS units differ from "portable" units in that they connect to your car to deliver a wide range of features that can profoundly change the driving experience. These GPS systems are better thought of as in dash computers and can perform a number of tasks ranging from entertainment to navigation and trip planning or displaying points of interest. Most of these devices utilize a combination or touch screen and voice activated technology to offer superior control while driving.

An in dash GPS system can offer a very unique navigation experience. In addition to getting you from point A to point B t can display things like current speed limits, traffic reports and noteworthy stops along the route. Many offer Bluetooth connectivity so you can sync your cell phone or MP3 player to the in dash GPS and talk hands free through the car speakers while driving. You can also listen to satellite radio or connect a dash camera. Often the in dash GPS computer is connected to the car's climate control settings and other features, like the stereo which it can lower while giving voice directions.

While not driving, the in dash GPS system can serve as an entertainment hub, playing videos, games or browsing the web.

Many new cars come with an in dash GPS preinstalled, and there are also a number of aftermarket in dash GPS devices that can be added in place of the factory default, provided the GPS system is the correct size for the vehicle.

The in dash GPS offers advantages over a portable GPS in terms of organization. The simple design sits flush with the dash as opposed to taking up space on the windshield and there are no loose cables to become tangled. It also has a bigger screen and tends to connect to satellites faster via the antenna. It also makes a less enticing target for thieves than a loose GPS that is easy to grab.


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