Bicycle GPS

Bicycles equipped with electronics are not new. Cycling computers have seen use for a number of years amongst both avid biking enthusiasts and the casual rider. A bicycle GPS adds to the functionality of these cycling computers and can open up a world of possibilities, making cycling both easier and more fun.

GPS technology has seen use in cycling in two different areas. The first is in loss prevention. Bicycles can be an expensive asset and the nature of their use for travel often leaves them unattended and easy targets for theft. GPS tracking technology has seen wide use in both preventing the theft of bikes and aiding in their recovery. The second use of GPS technology is found in bicycle computers, which can equip your bike with the same accurate real-time navigation systems found in vehicles.

Some GPS loss-prevention devices for bicycles come equipped with vibration sensors that can alert you as to when your bike detects movement and automatically begin tracking it's position which you can view. This feature makes it possible to prevent bike theft before it even occurs. These small, easily concealed devices are difficult to detect and the experienced bike thief who knows what to look for will know to find an easier target.

Cycling computers can provide a wealth of information about your trip including things like time, distance, speed, location and calories burned or current heart rate. These computers typically attach to the bicycle's handlebars and have an LCD screen for easy viewing. Combining these computers with an integrated bicycle GPS can provide additional information such as altitude, local points of interest, trip logging and guided directions. Many of these tasks can be accomplished with an average smart phone, but most dedicated cycling computers are guarded against the weather or accidents, easily attach to the bike and possess an interface specifically designed for ease of use while cycling. In addition, many bicycle GPS models offer software that aids in cycling training for those who are trying to grow as athletes.


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