Trucker GPS

Professional truck drivers have different needs than the average consumer when it comes to GPS technology. For years manufacturers have been striving to create quality tools than not only meet those needs but make life on the road easier in any way they can. Trucker GPS devices are specifically designed to provide truck drivers with all the information and planning tools they need to get the job done and perform in their unique work environment without any hassle.

A trucker GPS differs from an average model by accommodating for factors such as vehicle height, weight and length in calculating routes. The work to plot the most efficient routes while maintaining safety standards. Expert navigation is provided for complicated interchanges and alerts are given regarding sharp turns, trucking speed limits, points of interest or poor road conditions. Traffic updates are also available that will advise of potential delays ahead of time. Special routing for HAZMAT is also available on most units.

Most trucker GPS also have a function that allows for easily keeping logs and monitoring fuel consumption. Many allow for an easy fleet-management interface.

In-cab performance is optimized by creating devices with extra-loud speakers to be heard over engine noise. Screens are bright and high-definition and most devices rely on voice-commands for hands-free performance.


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